TEKA PARQUET (特佳地板)是由PT.TANJUNG KREASI PARQUET INDUSTRY集团荣誉出品,集团总部设在印度尼西亚首都雅加达,工厂设在三宝垄,欧美销售总部分别设在德国不莱梅和美国亚特兰大,集团总投资30亿美元,硬木地板的年产能高达1000万平米,截至目前全球58个国家或地区使用过TEKA特佳产品,是欧美等国家和地区市场占有率、产品影响力及风靡程度最高的地板品牌之一,市场占有率在欧洲约57%(其中德国约20%),美国和加拿大约31 %,其他国家约12%。
Teka Hardwood Flooring is a manufacturer of engineered wood flooring located on the Island of Java, in Indonesia. In production now for 18 years we currently produce over 65 million square feet of flooring annually. We have been supplying flooring products to the United States and Canadian markets for over 15 years. We manufacture using state of the art production methods, generations of experience and artistry, and the flexibility to create products that are unique. Our product lines are based on European Oaks, and our ability to treat them with mechanical and chemical processes is unlike any other manufacturers in the world.
TEKA(特佳)工厂位于拥有充沛热带雨林资源并汇集了欧洲、南美、北美、巴西、澳洲等珍贵木材的万岛之国印度尼西亚,是世界上最大的实木镶嵌地板生产厂之一, 更是全球最大独体工厂。 工厂总投资将近3亿美元,汇集了世界顶级木材加工和地板生产设备及世界一流的生产线。 TEKA特佳在国际市场上被誉为创新型企业,拥有上千款不同花色的产品和代表世界先进水平的硬木地板制作技术,其中多项产品外观设计和专项生产技术在世界各国获得专利认证。
Tanjung Kreasi Parquet Industry TEKA
• Founded in February 1994
• Head office Jakarta
• Factory in Pingit (Central Java)
• around 1500 employees
• European Machinery with mainly German technology
• Capacity around 3 Mio. m² p.a.
• Three layer parquet flooring
• Brand name TEKA Parquet
• All main European wood species (f.ex. white Oak), Indonesian wood species (f.ex. Merbau, Kempas, Hevea)
• markets in Europe around 57 % (Germany around 20%), USA and Canada around 31%, other countries around 12%